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Zombie Run

Eat, sleep, school, repeat. Boring! But Lucy can escape into the game world of ‘Zombie Run’. Here she can be herself and chat with other teens like her. Or are they?

In Zombie Run you are immersed in Lucy’s world and YOU call the shots. Homework or gaming? Accept message or decline? Support your friends or isolate yourself? Your choices could save a life! 

*Please be advised this video contains some horror and images that could be disturbing to some viewers.

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Still from DSC05866 0005 85D7374

About Your Call

Take the drink or say no thanks? Throw a punch or let it go? Get in the stolen car or walk away?

Your Call Rocks puts YOU in charge of the action. In the classic style of “choose your own adventure” books, you decide the actions that change the story and the outcome. With multiple choices to make and lots of different endings, the story really is in your hands…

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