Who are we?

Your Call Rocks is a new and exciting concept based on a much-loved idea. 

An initiative of the Theatrical Response Group and funded by the WA Department of the Attorney General Criminal Property Confiscation Grants Program and Lotterywest, Your Call Rocks uses the “choose your own adventure” concept. Hugely popular as interactive books in the early 1980’s, Your Call Rocks reimagines this engaging approach as interactive films for a new online audience of young people.

Focusing on youth issues such as alcohol abuse, violence and crime prevention, each film is designed to be an immersive short story that allows the viewer as the point of view participant, to make decisions throughout that change the way the film plays out and ultimately the ending. 

Video annotations technology is used to create seamless transitions from decision to decision, with the aim being to deliver a continuous and uninterrupted sense of story. Seeing “what would have happened” if you’d done something differently is a key aspect of these films, with each video designed to allow the viewer to go back through the story and make different decisions to see the effect.

We aim to place as few barriers as possible between the youth audience and the experience, so each film operates from a dedicated “microsite” that sits independently from the Your Call Rocks host site and minimizes any “non-story’ elements. Our marketing and promotional campaigns direct viewers directly to the microsite rather than the Your Call Rocks site, so they can get straight into the film. Only after having watched a film are viewers directed to the host site to find out more about the project and view other films.

After the initial funded pilot project, and with ongoing funding from the WA Government and WA Police, Your Call Rocks aims to deliver at least one new interactive experience each year. 

Theatrical Response Group (TRG) is an initiative of the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation.


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