Bottled Up

Year 12 exams are looming and things are pretty stressful for JJ. Does it have to be all work and no play?

Max invites JJ to a party at Ruby's house. He can squeeze a party into his busy schedule, right? Another beer won't hurt...

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William Bartolo
Mikayla Merks
Jimi Rankin
Andy Fraser
Exam teacher
Cathy Henkel
  • Ali Jahani
  • Bradley Camm
  • William Coghill
  • Maximillian Strzelecki
  • Oliver Scott-Morey
  • Teresa Moore
  • Zackerie Moulton
  • Gabby Ho
  • Emma Beel
  • Maxwell Cowan
  • Christine Ramilo
  • Brendan Joel


  • Jamie Ross-Brown
  • Sam Baker
  • Ali Jahani
Production Designer
  • Elizabeth Mary
  • Jarrod Burton
  • Emma Beel
  • Ashlee Ishak
Writer's room
  • Kat Goddard
  • Sam Baker
  • Jamie Ross-Brown
  • Jake Blackburn
1st Assistant Director
  • Nigel Devenport
2nd Assistant Director
  • Emma Beel
3rd Assistant Director
  • Ana Neves
  • Jarrod Burton
  • Kat Goddard
Camera Assistants
  • Brendan Docherty
  • Shane Van Litsborgh
  • Brendan Joel
  • David Duong
Sound Recordist
  • William Coghill
Sound Assistant
  • Kurt Pilcher
  • Bradley Camm
Costume Supervisor
  • Zackerie Moulton
Location Manager
  • Ana Neves
  • Jamie Ross-Brown
Unit Manager
  • Ashlee Ishak
Unit Assistant
  • Gabby Ho
Production Runner
  • Gabby Ho
Assistant Editor
  • Kat Goddard
Post Sound Supervisor
  • Billy Ward
Colour Grader
  • Jarrod Burton
Visual Effects
  • Jarrod Burton
  • Kat Goddard
Composition by
  • Mason Vellios
Technical Advisor
  • Brad Nisbet
Production Support
  • Ella Wright
Head of Production
  • Jaclyn Hewer
Technical Director
  • Mahmudul Raz
Executive Producers
  • Jaclyn Hewer
  • Cathy Henkel
  • Andrew Lewis
  • David Gribble
  • Danielle Antaki
Project Liaison
  • Peter Townsend
Script Reference Committee
  • Stacey Child - Alcohol and Drug Support Service
  • Liana Marrone - Alcohol and Drug Support Service
  • Jason Ellis - HealthWA
  • Niall Campbell - Headspace
  • Alan Colthart - DAYS (Drug & Alcohol Youth Service
  • Helen Jackson – Next Step Drug & Alcohol Service
Special Thanks
  • Town of Bassendean
  • Ashfield Soccer Club
  • The Neves family
  • All of the extras who helped out with the making
  • of the film
  • Student winners of the Your Call 2017 competition:
  • Alexander Andrew Mhawira
  • Jordan Hunt
  • Kellianne Brown-Neaves
  • Mingho Tong
  • Ben Randall
With special thanks to our funding partners
  • NIB Foundation
  • WA Police

About Bottled Up

Enter this virtual experience with Your Call’s latest venture using cutting edge Virtual Reality technology, and be a part of the action with JJ and his friends.

With the Year 12 exams looming, things are pretty stressful for JJ, it seems like all work and no play.

Max, his best friend, invites him out… It’s at Ruby’s place… And her parents aren’t going to be there… can he squeeze a party into his busy schedule?

One thing leads to another… It’s fun to just let loose and forget everything that’s stressing him out…  One drink leads to another… Another beer won’t hurt, it’ll just take the edge off his nerves, right? Eventually the drinking and the partying take their toll, his grades slip, and even his footy coach loses faith in him…

He’s hitting rock-bottom – so how’s he going to get himself out of this rut? Who can step in and help?  

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Please be advised this video contains coarse language and depictions of underage drinking.


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