Do you take the drink your friend is offering – and the next one? Are you up for a game of beer pong – or do you just watch? Do you slow down, take it easy and make it through the night – or end up all over Facebook?

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Jesse McGinn
Jessica O'Connor
Sophia Forrest
Tristan Gorey
Adam Sollis
Kade Sweeney
Emma O'Sullivan
Lukas Radovich
Dawn Jackson
Will McNeil
Aiden Till
Friend in the Park
  • Jade Unwin
  • Timothy Monley
  • Marcel Bracks
  • Molly Rogers-Thomson
  • Jacob Shaw
  • Benn Ellard
  • Zara Barrow
Friend at Party and School
  • Sara Bluntish
  • Emily Theseira
  • Fraser Patterson
  • Trent Browning
  • Kristy Havelberg
  • Maddy Mullins
  • Darcie Hitchcock
  • Devan Murphy
  • Keeley Kuther
  • Elysha Atwell
  • Bethany Scott
  • Jessica Russell
  • Emma Gherardi
  • Imogen Appleby
  • Ewan Czanowicki
  • Liam Southern
  • Dexter Wright
  • Snowy Primmer
  • Dylan Botica
  • Leah Ellard
  • Kelsie Anderson


  • Briege Whitehead
Story by
  • Ron Elliot
  • Natalie Bell
  • Nicola Barlett
  • Timothy Monley
  • Nicola Barlett
  • Timothy Monley
  • Shelby Shaw
Supervising Producer
  • Natalie Bell
Executive Producers
  • Andrew Lewis
  • Donelle Gardiner
  • Cathy Henkel
  • David Gribble
  • Steve Millsteed
  • Steve Millsteed
Production Designer
  • Georgia Landre-Ord
  • Steve Millsteed
1st Assistant Director
  • Nigel Devenport
2nd Assistant Directors
  • Marcel Bracks
  • Marissa Reynaga
  • From Deep Within
  • Jesse Hutchings
  • James Paddock
  • Mindboy
  • Cara Phillips
  • Gregg Johnson
Second Unit Camera Operator
  • Hossein Khodabandehloo
Camera Assistant
  • Hossein Khodabandehloo
  • Poppy van Oorde-Grainger
  • David Tran
  • Robert Livings
Data Wrangler
  • Nik Coletsis
  • Perry Sandow
Best Boy
  • Dan Spriggs
Sound Recordist
  • Nick McKenzie
Sound Designer
  • Nick Gallagher, Brainestorm
Art Department Assistant
  • Lisa Scott
  • Nicola Barlett
Make-up Artists
  • Zara Barrow
  • Kirsty Sopp
Unit Managers
  • Benn Ellard
  • Jacob Shaw
  • Molly Rogers-Thomson
Script Supervisor
  • Ron Elliot
Boom Operator
  • Thomas Moore

About #emilywasted

Three school friends are heading out to a house party tonight. Not quite old enough to drink legally yet, Emily is looking forward to meeting new guy Dave and having an awesome night. But can she navigate the fine line between having a few drinks and getting trashed? There’s a lot at stake – what will Dave think of her if she gets drunk? Will she be there for her friend Julie who’s going through a hard time at home with her parents? Will her best mate and party girl Tash be able to rely on her to make sure nothing bad happens to her? Or will it all go pear-shaped when Emily has one too many drinks and her embarrassing night is all over Facebook and school the next day?

#emilywasted puts YOU in the driver’s seat about how much you drink during the night. Make the decisions and see what happens…


*Please be advised this video contains coarse language and depictions of underage drinking.

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