Film Comp Header 2022

Have your say on important issues! 

Create a three minute short film addressing Online Addiction and you could win a share in a prize pool worth more than $5,000! Work as an individual or as a group of three and let your creativity flow!

Entry requirements

  • Entry is open to WA youth aged 12-18 years at the time of the competition closing.

  • Entrants can compete as an individual, or part of a group of up to three persons with one film submitted per group.

  • You must have the support of your school or be a member of an established youth organisation (e.g. youth group, sporting club etc.) to participate in this project.

Important dates

Registrations close: 17 August 2022

Films due: 10 October 2022

Awards ceremony: November 2022



Film Comp Body 2022


This broad theme can touch on a number of interconnected issues, including:

  • Gaming and gambling addiction

  • Dangers of online chat rooms

  • Cyber fraud and hacking

  • Relationship based cyber scams and catfishing

  • Health repercussions such as anxiety, depression, alcohol or drug use, relationship breakdown

  • Disengagement with family and friends, antisocial behaviours, isolation

  • Identity theft leading to cyber criminality 


Submission requirements

The deadline for submitting your film is 10 October 2022. An entry must consist of;

  • A short film - A video that is 3 minutes or less in length (inclusive of any credits) that addresses relationship and family safety. All authors must be credited for the purposes of the competition.

  • An application form- When you submit your application on the website, you will be required to answer a set of questions relating to your film and its content.


This competition is run by WA Police Force and Constable Care Foundation's Youth Choices program. The Student Choice Award is supported by the Commissioner for Children and Young People and Lions WA.

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