Frequently Asked Questions

Can more than one student or group enter from the same school?

YES. As many groups of between one and three students can enter from the same school as desired. 

Can I enter if I am in Year 8 or 9?

YES. The competition is open to students aged 12-18 years.

Can I have more than three members in my group?

To request permission for more than three group members please email: 

Can my film feature students who are not registered in my group?

Yes, your film may feature actors who are not registered in the Your SAY, Your Call student film competition.

However the core creative direction must by driven by the registered members. 

Can the same teacher act as supervising contact for more than one student group?

YES. The same teacher can supervise as many student groups as they can handle!

Where can I get more information on cyber safety issues?

To discover more about cyber safety, we recommend you check out:

How does the voting process work?

WA Police and CCCSF will shortlist entries to a top 10. These ten films will then be presented to a judging panel of industry professionals to decide 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 

The winning student/group will be announced at an Awards Ceremony in late June 2019. All top ten films will be screened at this event. 

How does the prize pool work?

The winning student or group will receive an assortment of vouchers.  Group members may distribute the prize as they see fit.

How will the winning student(s) and teacher work with ECU on developing the film?

This will depend on the student’s availability and the film’s production schedule. We’ll do our best to involve students in every aspect of the filming process where possible, given their school commitments and the production timelines.